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Recorded training

PowerPoint Presentations and Training Materials

TitleDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
2019 Annual Provider Training 7750 KB.pptx
ASD Provider Portal Registration PresentationUpdated 03/23/2018 for ASD Providers4750 KB.ppt
Atrezzo Connect User GuideRevised4484 KB.pdf
Atrezzo Provider Portal Password RequirementsPosted March 2016112 KB.pdf
DME Procedure CodesUpdated 10/201268 KB.pdf
KEPRO Provider Training Schedule 2018Topic: Atrezzo Provider Portal Overview288 KB.pdf
Prior Auth Mental Health Counseling CodesNew - 5/2012198 KB.pdf
Prior Auth Therapy Codes for PT-OT-SPNew - 5/2012242 KB.pdf
Prior Auth Transplant CodesNew - 2012223 KB.pdf
Procedure codes requiring Authorization by KEPRO 455 KB.xls
QIO Annual Provider Training 2013October 20133649 KB.pdf
QIO Presentation for Training S. CarolinaMay 9, 2012397 KB.pdf
QIO Request Submission requirements Home Health, Hospice, Therapies9/20127037 KB.pptx
SCDHHS Medicaid QIO November Training11/29/2012563 KB.pptx
SCDHHS- Atrezzo Provider Portal Registration PresentationUpdated March 20, 20184802 KB.ppt
South Carolina Annual Training January 2015 14371 KB.pptx
Submission Requirements (Training presentation)Updated 11/201211540 KB.pptx

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